Clad metal – STAT! When exceptional supply chain management matters most

From time to time, our OEM customers experience sudden spikes in the demand for their product. The need to quickly increase production can send shock waves throughout their supply chain. PEP Polymet can help to develop a plan to ensure you always have the clad metal supply you need, when you need it. Learn more.

Power Solutions design and development consulting now more robust with 3D printing

Power Solutions has long focused on developing solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. This includes finding ways to accelerate the commercialization of their product, reduce the overall cost of manufacturing, or improve product quality. Now PEP is excited to be enhancing our design and development solution portfolio with 3D printing, a technology with the capability to influence each of these goals. While 3D computer models are valuable, a real physical representation of the product or component can do a lot more to prove out a design concept before making the decision to invest in tooling. However, in the […]