Clad Metal Process Samples, Evaluation & Testing Methodology, and

Lead Time Reduction Strategies Highlight

PEP Polymet’s Exhibit at Booth #S4408

Polymet, a unit of Precision Engineered Products, LLC is a world-class manufacturer of precision clad metal overlays, inlays, electrical contact tapes, thermostat metal, assemblies, and shaped materials.

Visitors to PEP Polymet’s FABTECH exhibit will have an opportunity to:

  • See samples of how clad materials are made
  • Learn how precise micro hardness testing and grain analysis assure lot to lot consistency
  • Discover how Polymet leverages its supply chain to shorten leadtime, and assure on-time deliveries.
  • Visit with Polymet engineers to discuss specific applications.

PEP Polymet’s custom precision clad metals, contact tapes, thermostat metals, and thermostat metal assemblies are used in electrical switches, circuit breakers, connectors, fuse holders, actuator coils, indicator coils, temperature and environmental controls, heatsinks, and a broad range of defense, medical, telecommunications, computer and electronic components. In addition Polymet manufactures precision fret wire used in some of the world’s most beautiful musical instruments.

PEP Polymet’s contact tapes are overlay clad materials in two or more layers precision formed to meet the requirements of high-speed, automatic welding equipment for the manufacture of electrical contact assemblies. By precisely controlling the thickness of the clad layers, contact tape minimizes precious metal usage, maximizes conductivity, and provides a resistive backing for welding.  Polymet’s v-slit tooling produces contact tapes with as low as a 2:1 width to thickness ratio, while eliminating the burr-up, burr-down condition that would result from conventional slitting.    After v-slitting, the clad material is form-rolled with in-house tooling to make a precise profile for the contact surface, and to form a close tolerance weld projection on the backing to assure strong, long-lasting welds.   Customers around the world rely on Polymet’s contact tapes.

FABTECH North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event will be held November 9-12 at McCormick Place Chicago, IL.  If you plan to attend, make it a point to visit PEP Polymet at Booth #S4408.