photo_marketsWhether your industry is energy control or aerospace and defense, PEP Polymet’s superior bond strength makes our clad metal products the best solution, and the best value, for all your high-reliability applications.

Some of our products and their common applications:

Markets Applications Products
Electrical Power Control and Distribution Actuator coils Conductive spring material
Environmental controls Basement ventilation Corelay® clads
Aerospace and defense Circuit breakers Edgelay clads
Surgical and Medical De-Icers Electrical contact tape
Telecommunications Electrical switches and relays Fret wire
Electronic connectors Inlay clads
Electronic heat sinks Multi-gauge strip
Fuse holders Nickel-clad copper
Indicator coils Overlay clads
Leadframes Scalpel material
Medical components and devices Thermostat metal assemblies
Musical instruments Thermostat metal coils
Stove controls Thermostat metal stampings
Structural fiberglass Thermostat metal strip
Temperature monitoring and control
Wireless communications