PEP Polymet serves our global customers from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our synergistic teams comprising sales, engineering, production, quality, and customer support collaborate to deliver the optimal clad metal for your application.

PEP Polymet’s customers depend on our clad products for exceptionally demanding applications. Our unique controlled atmosphere bonding process is the key step.

photo_operationsTo assure the best possible bond, the process is performed in a controlled atmosphere that prevents oxidation or the introduction of impurities at the bond interface. The result is a clad metal system with thicknesses ranging from 0.002” to 0.250” and widths up to 4.00”, with individual components as thin as 0.000025”.

We use this propriety approach in conjunction with conventional bonding methods to provide you with the ideal clad metal for your specific application, at the best value.

PEP Polymet’s multiple, state-of-the-art bonding lines are designed to provide you with long, continuous coils of material that consistently meet your production requirements.