Technical Resources

PEP Polymet provides expert consultation to help you achieve optimal results on every project. The reference materials on this page will help get you started.

Thermostat Metal Design Engineering Formulas & Specifications

View the design formulas for mechanical force, thermal force, and thermal deflection for cantilever, simple beam, u-shape, spiral coil, helix coil, and disc. Also, this is a reference for standard dimensional tolerance of thermostat metals, including thickness and width tolerances, cross-curvature, edgewise camber, and lengthwise flatness. View PDF »

Thermostat Metal Compositions

PEP Polymet produces a wide variety of thermostat metals equivalent to ASTM and competitor specifications. Use this chart to view and compare Polymet thermostat metals properties, including layer composition, electrical resistivity and resistance. View PDF »

Thermostat Metal Mechanical and Physical Properties

Thermostat Metal Mechanical Physical Properties produced by PEP Polymet. These include electrical resistivity, maximum sensitivity temperature range, useful deflection temperature range, and recommended maximum temperature. View PDF »

Thermostat Metal Instantaneous Flexivity Values

Thermostat metal response to temperature change, or flexivity. FL x 10-7 View PDF »

Electrical Contact Material Properties

Density, conductivity, hardness, desirable properties, and typical applications for electrical contact materials. Polymet can help you select the best materials for your electrical contact application. View PDF »

Base Metal Properties

This table details the mechanical and physical properties of common base metals bonded by PEP Polymet, including electrical conductivity and tensile strength. View PDF »