PEP Polymet supplies clad metal products made to the highest level of bond integrity in the industry

PEP Polymet is a world-leading manufacturer of precision clad metal overlays, inlays, electrical contact tapes, thermostat metal and other specialty metal parts, assemblies and shaped materials.

We produce clad metal strip in the broadest range of metal combinations, configurations, and dimensions. Virtually any ductile metal can be metallurgically bonded to produce a material system with the exact characteristics your application requires.

Our experts use both proprietary and conventional metal bonding techniques to produce composite materials of superior bond integrity and quality.

The result? You’ll realize the value in your own products through greater reliability, longer life, and enhanced utility.

From simple overlays to complex clads, parts or assemblies, Polymet delivers the best clad metal systems for your applications.

The other shops had done their best, but we found that a significant amount of their output simply wasn't usable in our development.

NN, Inc., a diversified industrial company, manufactures and supplies high-precision metal bearing components, industrial plastic and precision metal components to a variety of markets on a global basis, including: aerospace, automotive, communications, defense, electronics, energy, medical, transportation and general industrial.

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